Bulk Domain Age Checker Tools To Find the Age of Any Website!

free bulk domain age checker tools to find a domain age

Why is it important to know the best domain age checker tools in 2021? Domain age has gained significant value after the search engine has started giving importance to the age of the domain.
In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the older the domain is, the higher your website can rank in the organic search results. Because it is believed that websites with older domain names are more stable.

However, several other aspects affect the overall ranking of the site, and domain age is one of them. On-page optimization, backlink building, content quality, and keyword density are some of the important factors other than age that influence the website.

In this article, we are going to tell you why you should take domain age into consideration and how you can check domain age online.

So let’s dive right in!

What Is Domain Age?

In simple words, domain age refers to the amount of time that a website has existed. It usually is calculated from the time you register a domain name, for instance, if you register a domain name in 2021, the domain age will be 4 years old by 2025.

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The Importance of Domain Age

A) For Search Engines

Domain age is important due to several aspects. First, it is important for search engines. The age of the domain name shows that the domain registered by the users has a clear intention of serving the user for the long run. There are several domains available in the industry that are registered for marketing purposes.

It has been observed that many domains disappear after a few years. The reason for that is the website owner does not renew the domain, which is later deleted from the domain registry. Therefore, the search engine does not encourage the domain name that is new in the top search engine ranking.

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It applies common sense to the method. If the new website gains instant popularity, the chances are the website may not have sufficient resources to tackle the high traffic and the site may go down instantly. Even if you publish good quality content, the site may take a few months to gain traction in the search engine ranking. You receive a gradual improvement in the search engine ranking. It may take some time for your website to reach the pinnacle of the organic search.

B) For Users

On the other hand, the old age domain which is active for several years is considered an authentic website. The domain gains credibility due to staying active for long period. Once you start promoting your old domain with good quality content and a strategic marketing approach, your site would start getting in the top sport of the search engine.

The growth in the organic search would be faster compared to the new domain. Due to the fact, search engine loves the old domain name, the people who know SEO has adopted the strategy and started applying it to their marketing strategy. The higher demand for the old domain name has increased the price of the old domain in the market.

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C) For SEO

And finally, domain age is also important when it comes to SEO. It is assumed that older domain names have more qualitative backlinks. As you know, when a website wants to rank high in SERP, it should have high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority. So search engines take domain age into consideration when evaluating your SEO practices.

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This has led to the development of some popular age of domain checkers. In other words, they accurately provide you with the age details of the domain name. When you use these tools, you get the exact age with the date of the registration and the expiry date.

Domain age finder tool is vital for SEO experts. Many domain trading companies and individuals also check website domain age to market it to the buyers. The domain is the part of the sales pitch that influences the buyer to buy the domain name.

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How to Check Domain Age?

If you are wondering how to query domain age, there are two main ways you can utilize them:

Free Domain Age Checker Tool

You will find many domain age checker online tools that offer free services and you can check the age of an individual domain name. However, some tools might restrict the report up to few results. You may have to pay the charges to get unlimited access to the tool.

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Bulk Domain Age Checker

Web page age checkers are the best to check the list of the domain name age in one go. It is designed to save time and receive the required information instantly. Place your domain list in the input form and hit the submit button to let the software start getting the data. While using the bulk domain age checker tool, limit the list to a few entries, the URL age checker may not work as expected if the server is not able to handle the large file.

Follow the instruction given by the tool developer while using the tools. Also, check your internet connection before using the bulk old domain checker tool, the slow network connection would impact the processing power. The tool response time would increase and you may have to wait for a while to receive the final data.

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How To Identify the Best Domain Name Age Checker Tools?

The immediate response to this query is the search engine ranking. When you search for the best domain age check tool on Google search, you will see a list of the sites that comes in the organic search result. These websites have gain popularity due to their fast and reliable services. You can use every one of the tools that you find in the top 10 results.

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Try each of them before you finalize one. Some websites might have an option to check only a single domain at a time. On the other hand, some might be best in the single as well as bulk domain checking service. So you should decide which one is the best for you based on your own experience.

Decide whether you want to go with the free or the paid tool. A paid subscription to the tool may give you more benefits. If you need the domain age check tool for a regular job, going for the paid version would save you time. You can opt-out of the limitation applied by this tool.

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Best Free URL Age Checker Tools

Usually, these free tools are developed primarily to check and show the age of domain names on the Internet in years. In the following, we will introduce the most powerful domain age checking tools you can find on the web:

1) Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools domain age checker not only shows you the age of your domain name but also can get the exact time, day, month, and year in which the domain name was created. It also shows you even more details about the domain name, such as:

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2) Duplichecker

DupliChecker domain age checker is one of the best tools to determine domain age. To use this efficient tool, you should simply put the URL in the text field and click on “Check Domain Age”. After that, you will get the results including the date when the domain was first created and also the updated date of it.

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3) GoDaddy WHOIS

GoDaddy WHOIS has been designed to help you by diving into the WHOIS database for information on domain registration, availability and age. It’ll also provide you the owner, administrator and, contact information, as well as other important information such as the date which domain was created and also updated.

4) Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a good choice for old websites and also blogs. It provides several snapshots of your domain name. From the first one, you can figure out how old a domain name is. You can also utilize past-time snapshots to check whether the website has changed its niche over time or not.

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5) Domain Age Checker Extension

By installing this free domain age checker chrome extension, you can easily check the age of any domain in few seconds. You can use this tool to check the age of your competitor’s domain names. Click here to install it!

Some of its most important features are:



Frequently Asked Questions

How To Know Domain Age?

There are some free online tools that come in handy when you want to know how old is a domain name. As mentioned in the article, you can utilize bulk domain age checker tools to figure out the age of several domain names in a few seconds. There are also some extensions that you can easily install and check the age of a URL in few clicks!

How Do I Hide My Domain Age?

Actually, you cannot hide the age of an active domain name. When you register a domain name, the creation and expiry date will be saved in the registration information.

How Do You Find the Date a Website Was Created?

One of the best ways to figure out the creation date of a domain name is to use Whois Tool. The only thing you should do is to visit the Whois.com website, then search your domain in the text field provided. After a few seconds, you will see details about the date on which your domain name has been created. You can also use this tool which is provided earlier in the article!

Final Words

In this article, we mentioned how to check domain name age. Domain and subdomain age checkers are an essential tool for people who are in the web industry or involve in Search Engine optimization. The older domain name would give you the edge over the competition and enable your brand to thrive in the industry quickly . Also, while trading the domain in the online marketplace, with the traffic report, the domain age would be presented as the key factor in the report.

People who have been in the industry for long period know how important the domain age is in the web industry. Some buyers are ready to pay a premium price for the old domain name. Website age checker online tools run independently, which gives both the parties buyers and sellers to make a decision quickly. As a buyer, you can verify the domain age using the free version of the tool online to complete the deal. Check your domain age using one of the online tools explained above.

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