Difference between .com and .co domain extension

difference between com and co

When you are purchasing a domain name, you will need to pay special attention to the domain extension. That’s because the domain extension would be a part of your domain, and it will contribute a lot towards the overall success of the domain. We often see how people come across the need to locate the difference between .com and .co domain extensions. Please continue to read this article, where we will do a comprehensive .com vs .co domain comparison. Based on the facts we share, you can decide whether you will buy a .com domain or a .co domain.

What is .com domain extension?

First of all, let’s figure out the .com domain extension. Before looking at the difference between .com and .co, let’s figure out what the .com domain extension is all about. This is a generic top-level domain extension made available on 15th March 1985. It is the most popular domain extension as of now. On the other hand, most domain names are registered under this domain extension. However, this domain extension was created for limited top-level domains back in the day.
The .com domain extension is popularly being used on commercial websites, profitable websites, portfolios, and personal blogs. In case the dot com domain extension is sold out, you may think about going ahead with dot co domain extension.

What is .co domain extension?

As mentioned earlier, dot co domain extension is the next best option to consider, especially if the dot com domain extension for a particular website is unavailable. It was introduced back in the year 1991. However, the .co domain extension was initially made available for Columbia as the country domain. However, it was later considered as a TLD domain. As a result, it fell into .org and .net domains. There is no need for you to become a citizen of Columbia to go ahead and register your .co domain. Now you also know answers to what is .co domain extension is.


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What is different between .com and .co domain extension

Now let’s come to the most important section of this article, discussing the difference between .com and .co domain extensions.

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1- Availability

When you are about to buy a new domain name, you focus heavily on its availability. In our .com vs .co domain comparison, we noticed a massive difference in domain extensions. The availability of .com domains is quite limited. That’s mainly because there is a very high demand for the .com domain extensions. However, there is not much demand for .co domain extensions. Hence, you will be able to get your .co domain extension without a struggle.

If you are trying to register a new website, there is a high possibility that the .com domain extension is not available. However, you don’t have to worry about it because the .co domain extension would mostly be available. You will even get the .co domain at a cheaper price tag. This is a major difference in .co vs .com domain extensions.

2- Popularity

In terms of popularity, .com domain extensions are the most popular. You will notice a significant difference when you do a .com vs .co domain comparison while considering popularity. For example, over 10 million people worldwide have purchased .com domain websites out there in the world. However, only around 2 million people have purchased .co domain extensions.

The .com domain extension is quite popular among top businesses and brands worldwide. There is a high demand, and even a newbie would initially start looking for a .com domain to go ahead with. You will also be able to see a massive difference in the number of requests available for the .com domain extensions compared to others. This is the main reason you will notice that the .com domain extensions are available for purchase at a higher price tag when compared to .co domain extensions. If you are looking forward to purchasing a .com domain, you will have to be ready to pay that premium price as well.

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 3- Search engine optimization capabilities

Search engine optimization is something that you should not ignore as you buy a domain. This is the main reason why we thought of leaving a note about it in our .co vs .com domain comparison. When you look at the SEO perspective, you will notice that the .com domain extensions come along with a better value when compared to others. This fact is proven from numerous studies conducted by SEO companies. As per their findings, a website with a .com domain extension would rank faster when compared to a website with a .co domain extension. On the other hand, you will find it easy to enhance the reach of a website with the .com domain extension.

4- Location specific restrictions

As the next part of the .com vs .co domain comparison, let’s take a look at the location-specific restrictions that are available. The .com extension is not a country-specific restriction. Any person worldwide will be able to go ahead and buy a .com domain. It is a generic top-level domain available for you to consider. Most people tend to use the .com domain extension for branding purposes.
However, it would help to keep in mind that the .co domain extension was initially a country-specific domain extension. However, it is not considered a country-specific domain extension as of now. People in more than 20 countries tend to use this domain extension for their websites.

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5- Purpose

As the last part of the .co vs .com domain comparison, we thought of sharing our two cents related to the purpose. You will need to figure out why you need a specific domain extension for the website. You need to be clear about the goal. Then you can go ahead and buy the domain without encountering any struggles.
The .com domain extension is ideal for commercial websites. If you wish to brand your business, you may proceed with it. You will also use that .com domain extension on blogs and monetize them with ease. That’s because search engines give more attention to the .com domain extension.
On the other hand, the .co domain extension is quite popular in the corporate world. This is a significant difference between .com and .co domain extensions to keep in mind. You can create your website related to company ethics and goals.

Now you are aware of the difference between .com and .co domain extension. It is up to you to understand the difference and then invest your money to buy the best domain extension available. Then you can continue to experience the benefits that come along with it.

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