9 Fully Free .Htaccess Generator Tools To Create Redirect and Rewrite Codes Instantly!

Free .Htaccess Generator Tools

The .htaccess generator tools simplify the .htaccess file construction and save the time of the users. The .htaccess is susceptible to the information you place in the file. Small changes to the file could result in an error on the website. Users will not be able to browse the website until you fix the .htaccess error.
The htaccess generator tools are meant to implement the various codes to the file without manually placing the code. For example, you can use them to redirect specific pages, reduce the server response time, change the default apache settings, set the canonical URLs, etc.

Before implementing changes to the .htaccess code, remember to take the backup of your existing file. Some codes are case-sensitive. A small error could lead to an error on the site. Every time you make changes to the Htaccess file, check the website for any errors. In the case of redirection of the existing URL to the new URL, see if the redirection is implemented correctly. In this article, we are going to introduce 9 htaccess generator tools that can help you. So stay tuned!


9 Best Free .htaccess Generator Tools

Here are the tools that would help you to create your .htaccess file with the custom code in a few minutes. The only thing you have to do is to determine the details and then copy the generated code and implement it on your server.

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1) .htaccess Redirect Generator

When it comes to optimizing the website, there will be an occasion where you have to redirect the existing website page to the new page or move the entire website using the 301 SEO-friendly redirections. Daniel Morell’s tool allows you to move the page to the new URL using the SEO-friendly method.


2) .htaccess htpasswd Generator

The Apache HTTP Server uses the .htpasswd file to create the restricted files on the webserver. The password is encrypted using the Unix System. Some system uses MD5 and SHA1 password encryption method to produce a secure password. The .htaccess htpasswd generator tool would make the htpasswd generation easy and secure.

Once you set the password, the third-party user would not access the directory available on the server and they will be restricted. The user would require to enter the username and password to gain access to the directory. Web2generators is an online tool that can help you generate .htaccess htpasswd.


3) .htaccess Rewrite Generator

Use the various form of redirect generator tool to make your custom .htaccess file. Using the tool is probably the easiest way to update the .htaccess file and get the job done. Use the tool to optimize the web pages, remove the error pages using the permanent redirection, optimize the site for the SEO, move the site from non-www to www page extension, and do many more using the free Beamusup htaccess rewrite generator tool.



4) .htaccess Generator HTTPS

The .htaccess generator HTTPS tool facilitates the most common redirection method of the URL from non HTTP to HTTPS secure extension. It is useful when you are implementing the SEO to your website. During the website migration, the HTTPS extension ensures data privately and securely transfers the file from one server to another. Choose your required method and generate the personalized .htaccess code based on the given inputs. WebsiteSetup.org tool is one of the best free tools that will process the instruction and provide the ready-to-copy code that you can place in your .htaccess file available on the server.


5) .htaccess Generator WordPress

The WordPress plugins are easy to install and gives you instant access to the core files. The .htaccess generator WordPress plugin would allow you to edit the file without needing to access the FTP or control panel of your server. Once the WP Htaccess Editor is activated, you can go to the admin panel, and find the plugin setting. You can add or remove the code from the .htaccess file. Htaccess file editor safely edits the code and gets the job done in a minute.


6) .htaccess Mobile Redirect Generator

Use the .htaccess mobile redirect generator tool like ReddWebDev to automatically generate the .htaccess file that moves the site to the desire location. Choose from the given options to redirect your website from point A to point B. The tool will process the given instruction and generate the custom code that you can implement instantly on your website.

Redirecting mobile users to the mobile-optimized webpages would increase the time on the page. User will find comfortable browsing the web pages which lead to the success in the SEO ranking. The redirection code is made to detect the user’s browsing source. If the code detects that the user is coming from the mobile devices, it automatically redirects the user to the available mobile pages.

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7) .htaccess Dynamic URL Rewrite Tool

Dynamic URLs of the website are difficult to manage. Many programming scripts such as PHP generates dynamic URLs. These URLs are made to run specific functions. However, the search engine considers dynamic URLs as individual pages. Hence, the page’s content would become duplicated, and it would lose the authenticity of the page.

As a result, your page will not rank in the organic search result. Handling these pages is important. One of the most practical tools is Internet Marketing Ninja . The .htaccess dynamic URL rewrite code would automatically detect the page that is not part of the exiting directory and generate personalized code for you.

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8) .htaccess Tester Tool

It is essential to test your existing .htaccess rule to ensure that it is implemented correctly. Checking the bad codes in the .htaccess file would assure you that the website is protected from hacking. Sometimes the old .htaccess code opens a doorway for the hacker to enter the malicious files. If your server does not support the old code, then your site may have a vulnerability to the data and files stored on the server. It is vital to check the .htaccess code periodically to update and fix the code as per the latest guidelines. The madewithlove .htaccess tester tool enables the user to verify the .htaccess code automatically with the latest standard.


9) Aleyda Solis

Now easily redirect your website from non-www to www page without any trouble. The Aleyda Solis offers a wide range of free tools that facilitate users to apply various .htaccess codes in a minute. Select your required code, and the this automated tool will generate the .htaccess file for you.


Final Words

Using the .htaccess generator tool is beneficial to the webmaster. It saves time and offers an automatic code generation facility. Now you can produce the code in an error-free way and implement it instantly on your server. Use the above-given tools and update your website to improve the performance and fix the common .htaccess error.

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