What Is an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) and Its 8 Benefits?

what is an internationalized domain name (idn)

The acronym IDN stands for the Internationalized Domain Name. It is a type of domain name that contains characters from the regional language or script. Generally, the domain name is made of the Roman letters (A to Z) or the digits (0 to 9) and the hyphen. In contrast, the IDN domain would have other than the standard names in the domain.
For example:

IDNs names are used before the .com or .org domain extension. The next part of the domain after the dot is called a top-level domain name.

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What Are the Benefits of the Internationalized Domain Name?

1) Instant Brand Recognition

An Internationalized domain name facilitates the users to use the domain name in the regional language or the script. The user gets to utilize the power of the local language while promoting their business or product. In countries where the majority of the people speak the regional language and do not understand the foreign language, the IDN domain would make a big difference in marketing.

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2) Drive More Traffic

Your internationalized domain name would generate more traffic than the standard domain name as people would have instant recognition due to the local language in the domain name. IDN domain helps you to connect people instantly and make them aware of the service instantly. You can use it as your marketing tactic to grab the attention of the larger audience from local cities and regions.

Internationalized domain name is developed using the various regional scripts and languages which include Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, or Devanagari. The domain names are encoded by the Unicode Standard. Every domain name is released following the relevant IDN protocols.

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3) Register Your IDNs in Multiple Languages

For any multinational enterprise, expansion is the challenging part of the business. You need proper planning and the right type of tool to penetrate the local barriers and enter into the new realm. The internationalized domain name would help you to gain instant popularity in the region.

As you bring the regional domain name that presented in the local language would gain an emotional connection instantly. Your end-users would appreciate your initiative to promote the local language in the region. Register your trademark domain name in the regional language and script types, and use it in the brand development activities.

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4) Advantage of the Short Domain Name

Since the beginning of the internet world, the short domain name was considered the gold mine. Everyone was rushed through to purchase the temporary domain name on their name. The high demand has exponentially increased the price of the domain name. Now it is tough to register the short domain name. They are costly. Only big enterprises can buy this domain name. As an alternative, the internationalized domain name would fulfill your requirement.


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5) Competitive Advantage

IDN domain helps the companies to serve their customer in the native language. It would put you ahead of the competitors by making your customer understand the services that you offer in the regional language.

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6) Better User Experience

The internationalized domain name helps you to enhance the user’s experience. The users can search for the information in the native language on the web, and your website with IDN domain name would appear in the search due to the exact match search keyword. When users get to experience the information in the local language, they will be more than happy to revisit the site in the future. IDN increases the customer satisfaction level, and as a result, your retention rate would go up. Also, visually your domain would be easy to recall.

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7) Improved Reach

IDN may also support Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Due to less competition in the regional language domain, any users searching the web in the regional language would reach your website through the organic search.

As you would have the niche-specific domain name with an exact keyword, it would help you receive more traffic from the search engine ranking. However, the domain name is not the primary aspect of the search engine ranking; you must have relevant content on your site.

If a niche-specific domain is managed correctly by publishing good quality content, your website will rank quickly in the search engine. You get the advantage of ranking your website faster than competitor websites.

Also, people tend to remember the short domain that has solved their problem, the chances of repeat users increases due to the easy-to-remember internationalized domain name. As you generate more direct visitors to your site, it would also support you to rank your non-ranked pages on the search engine if your site has a low bounce rate.


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8) Build Trust With Internationalized Domain Name

A short IDN domain would help you to build trust in the targeted audience. When your users see the domain name written in the native language, it creates curiosity in the viewer. As they frequently see the domain on the web, Users will start appreciating the website and the content it produces. Compare to the standard domain name, the IDN would be much easier to transform into a trusted website.

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Final Words

Internationalized domain name has many advantages in business and as well as personal use. The IDN is an idea to create your identity on the web that represents who you are in the native language. The short TLD domain is difficult to get, and they are costly as well. Use the IDN as the alternative to enjoy the short domain name and improve your visibility on the web instantly. ICANN has instituted the IDN Program to assist in the creation and promotion of a multilingual Internet using IDNs.

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