How To Check Domain Ownership History?

How to Check the History of a Domain Ownership?

Have you ever heard about WHOIS history? Every domain registrar requests the buyer to provide contact information during the domain name registration. The owner’s details are used to authenticate the proprietor of the domain. In case of dispute over the domain name in the future, the ICANN uses the registration details obtained from the domain registrar as proof to determine the actual owner of the domain name.

Giving wrong information would lead to the risk of losing your domain name. As per the guideline, every domain registrar has to keep an updated record of the domain owner. Registrar periodically informs the domain owner through email about updating the name, address and contact details to avoid any trouble in the future. As follows, you will read how to find domain ownership history?

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Why It Is Important to Verify the Whois History of the Domain?

The web is open for everyone, and anyone with a genuine address and identity proof is allowed to register the top-level domain. Pay a small amount, and the domain will be yours. There is no verification done through the physical document. Hence it creates vulnerability in the registration process of the domain.

A person can put fake information during the registration of the domain name. Once the domain is registered in his name, it can be used for any malpractices without showing authentic proof. Therefore, checking the historical domain Whois before buying anything from the website would protect you from fake business websites.

There are several tools available online that provide information to the end-users. If you do not want others to know your contact details, you can opt for the privacy protection service offered by the domain registrar. You can protect personal information using the privacy protection service, an add-on to the domain registration cost.

The privacy protection service hides personal contact details such as email IDs and phone numbers from the users. It also shows the message under contact details that the information is protected under the privacy protection service.

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How to Check the History of a Domain Name?

How to find the history of a domain name? Finding the history of the domain name is made simple by the various Whois history checker tools. You can visit the domain history checker website, giving you comprehensive details.

The domain history of whois would be beneficial when you want to contact the current owner or the past owner of the domain. The information provided would have the contact details. Find the email id or the contact number presented under the whois information.

Not all domain buyers register for the privacy protection service. Hence, you will be able to access their contact details and reach them over email or call.

The domain History of WHOIS service provider websites is free. Some websites may charge for the service based on the requirement. However, it is worth spending if you want to use the bulk domain search options to find the information of several domains in one go.

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In the case of buying the domain from the current buyer, the history information would be helpful. You will be able to reach the domain owner and negotiate the price with him. The domain Whois history checker tool also offers the buyback service where an already registered domain can be repurchased by offering the best deal to the domain owner. It works as a middle man to communicate the message and get the best offer from the domain owner.

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What Is the Real-Life Use Of the WHOIS History?

1) Buyback Domain

The information will enable you to identify the domain name’s current owner that you are willing to purchase. You can search the domain name on the Whois history checker tool and get the contact information of the existing owner. Use the contact details to reach the current buyer and ask if the owner is interested in selling the domain. If you are lucky, you may be able to purchase the domain directly from the owner at the best price.

2) Confirm the Authenticity of the Company

Several companies are involved in online fraud. The website is used to run fake businesses and collect money from the end-user. The domain history of WHOIS would help you to verify the actual company or the name of the owner who owns the domain name. You can report to the local authority if you find any company or individual involved in online fraud.

3) Safety of Domain Name

It guarantees that the domain name is registered with the right owner. The wrong information indicates the domain is not safely registered. If it is stolen by a hacker or mistakenly transferred to any other registrar, the owner will not be able to claim the domain name.

You should edit the information with the original contact details to ensure that the domain stays with you even if there is any dispute or claim from a third party. It protects the owner from online scams. You can claim your domain back if, for any reason, it is transferred to a third party mistakenly.

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Final Words

Updating your contact details with the registration would help you protect your domain online. Prevent unauthenticated access to your domain by a third party and protect your domain from hackers. We hope the guide on How to check the history of a domain name and its benefits has highlighted some vital information. Use the history of whois domain details to verify your domain details, and confirm the information placed during the registration of the domain name

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