• How can I choose a domain name?

    Please read our article here.
  • How secure are my search results? What is your privacy policy?

    Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your keywords or search results with anyone. We use https to make sure that all communications are encrypted and secure. In some instances, we might get RDAP or EPP queries with TLD registrars to ensure that our results are accurate, and the domain is currently available for you to register. We make money when you buy a domain from one of our vendors. We try to choose the best vendors available on the market, but we cannot be held responsible for their privacy policies or how they might handle or misuse your data. Click Here To learn more about our Privacy Policy.
  • .COM vs. other TLDs, Should I register a .com domain?

    .com is the most popular TLD across the globe. It is the easiest extension for people to remember. If people hear your name and want to guess your website TLD, .com would be their first guess. Therefore, it is in your interest to try to find an available .com domain. Considering that, because .com is very popular, sometimes it is hard to find an available .com domain name. In that case, if you prefer to register a name with other extensions, ideoname can help you to search over other popular TLDs instantly. You can set the settings to search over multiple TLDs at the same time. You can also click on a suggested domain name, and ideoname will provide you all other extensions and their availability status.
  • How do you make money?

    We make money by providing premium subscriptions. We also make money when you click on a registration link on our website and buy a domain name from our vendors.
  • Do you provide domain registration or web hosting services?

    No. We do not provide domain registration or hosting services. However, we offer services of the best available vendors in the industry. You'll typically get better deals and discounts if you click on vendors' links on our website and then try to buy domain names or web hosting services.
  • Can I use ideoname for free?

    Yes, You can use ideoname for free. However, if you choose to use it for free, the suggested domain results would be limited. For example, Smart-AI Engine can suggest up to 20,000 domain names, but it generates up to 700 domain names when you are using it for free. You can signup easily with a valid email address and get a three-day Unlimited Access package for free. If you liked the search results and want to get thousands of unique, brandable domain name suggestions, you can choose any of our subscription packages.
  • Your site marks a domain as available, but it is not available. Why is that?

    We use TLD zone files to index and check domain names availability. In some instances, a registered domain does not exist in the zone file. Hence we mark the domain as available. For example, if a domain has recently expired, is in redemption period, or has no name servers, it would not appear in the zone files. To fix this issue and verify that a domain name is 100% available, you can click on a suggested domain name, and ideoname will validate the current availability status of the domain by making an RDAP query to it's TLD registrar.
  • Someone stole a domain I found on your site. How can I resolve this?

    This is probably a coincidence. Thousands of domains are purchased daily all over the world. Verisign reported 9.6 million domain registrations in a single quarter of 2018. You can use ICANN's RDAP to find the domain's date and time of registration and compare it to your search's date and time on our website. We care about your privacy. Read more on our Privacy Policy.