How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name is the first step to start a successful online brand. It's a long-term strategic investment, and before registering your domain, you need to consider a couple of things :

Use related keywords :

Create a list of keywords that describe best your brand. For example, if you're starting a website for home loans, your keywords should be home loans, loan equity, home financial, credits, and home loan interest rates. Targeting keywords will help your website SEO, and your website will show up in more organic searches. Search these keywords in ideoname to get thousands of available domain names.

Make it unique and memorable :

Choosing a memorable domain name can considerably help your brand. A unique and memorable domain helps customers to find you easily. It increases your website traffic, which will lead to growing your business.

Choose short and easy to spell domain names:

Short domain names are easy to memorize. Also, domain names with tricky spelling are not good choices. When you choose a domain name, ask others to guess your website spell. If others can not spell it correctly, it'd be a big problem for your users to access your website. Try to choose a short, simple, and easy to spell domain name.

It matters how your domain sounds like:

Consider how your domain name sounds when you say it out loud. Would your customers be able to spell it just by hearing it? Does it sound nice? Is it easy to pronounce without an extra explanation? If your answer to any of these questions is negative, it is probably your best interest to choose another name.

Avoid numbers and symbols:

Using dashes and numbers in your domain makes it hard to remember and pronounce. Imagine a customer who wants to say your domain's name out loud. Having a hyphen or number in the domain's name makes it hard to pronounce. It can confuse customers. Try to avoid dashes and numbers in a domain name.

Check for Trademarks:

before choosing a domain name, search the trademark database to make sure you respect the trademark rights of other parties. If your domain name violates someone's trademark, you may be held legally responsible for it. Check for registered trademarks at