What is ICANN and what does it do?

Whether you are an average internet user or a website owner, it would be good to understand what ICANN is all about. This is one of the most common acronyms we can find on the internet.

Please Continue to read; we are ready to share more details with you on what ICANN is all about. In this article, we look forward to sharing more information about what ICANN is all about and what it is supposed to do.


What is ICANN?

This is nothing but a non-profit organization that helps to ensure the overall security of the internet. The ICANN corporation is based in the United States, and anyone can access its services.

When you want to register a new domain under your name, you visit the domain registrar’s website. Every domain registrar pays a fee to the ICANN along with domain registration.


What does ICANN stand for?

Let’s start with the ICANN meaning. The abbreviation ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

When you want to purchase a new domain name, you can easily visit the website of a domain registrar and do it.

However, it is also better to understand the overall process that manages and controls how you buy a domain. This will even help you to stay away from potential fraud and disputes.

The primary objective of ICANN is to ensure your protection as you go ahead and purchase a new domain name.

Due to the same reason, you may think about calling it the postal system that is available out there on the internet.

In other words, the governing body can standardize and maintain the overall naming system used on the internet.

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What does ICANN do?

After learning the ICANN meaning, the next most important thing you should do is to figure out what ICANN is responsible for. In this section, we are planning to share more details with you on ICANN’s purpose.

ICANN can be considered a partnership established among people all around the world. It focuses explicitly on managing unique identifiers, which can help people to find websites that are available out there on the internet.

This non-profit organization is responsible for keeping the internet secure and open for everyone out there as well.

If a global approach similar to ICANN is not available, people will have to go through a challenging experience when they are about to find things online.

That’s because every website on the internet requires a unique identifier. Only when a unique identifier is available a web browser can locate it.

The structure of ICANN facilitates it, and people can go ahead and use the internet without encountering any issues.

The structure of ICANN is quite complex. That’s because it involves many different entities. For example, the ICANN community comprises advisory committees and supporting organizations.

Then there is a board of directors and staff. Anyone interested out there can even go ahead and volunteer with ICANN as well.

The primary objective of all these entities is to ensure that the internet is accessible and runs smoothly across all parts of the world. According to ICANN, this process is called universal resolvability.

It ensures that you are getting the same results as you access the network, regardless of your specific location out there in the world.

In other words, ICANN ensures that only one version of the internet is available. Hence, people worldwide can get the same experience as they continue to use the internet.

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What is ICANN in networking?

There is a strong relationship between ICANN and IP addresses. It will not be possible for the internet to have two websites under the same domain.

On the other hand, it will not be possible for two different websites to share the same IP address. ICANN would ensure that such conflicts would not happen.

It is essential to remember that ICANN is not responsible for running this system. However, ICANN plays a significant administrative role in the process.

For example, ICANN coordinates the way how different IP addresses are handled. This will help to ensure that no repetitions in the IP addresses would take place.

This is why you can call ICANN the central repository available for IP addresses. Access to the IP address repository is also given to different regional registries.

Then the regional registries will go ahead and distribute the IP addresses to other network providers out there.

When changes are required for the current network, ICANN is also involved in the decision-making process. In other words, ICANN actively engages in discussions to determine what changes are necessary for the internet.

Moreover, ICANN carefully analyzes the impact that such changes can offer. Based on careful review, ICANN will go ahead and provide approval for such changes to take place.



From this article, you can learn more about what is the ICANN all about. It plays a significant role in the upkeep of the internet.

On the other hand, ICANN plays a vital role in how the internet will mold and evolve in the future. Every single time you go ahead and register a domain, that’s why you are making a payment to ICANN.

This fee is worth it, as ICANN can oversee your domain while providing the assistance you need to ensure the internet’s overall security.

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