gTLD Meaning ; Which Generic Top-Level Domain Is Right for You?

The word domain refers to the website URL. When you buy a domain, you own the address on the internet. The domain performs as the internet identity owned by the individual, company, or government authority.
The domain address consists of various parts. It is divided into two segments, one of which referred to the top-level domain (TLD), and the other domains are dedicated to the gTLD. Remember marketing for the brand is enabled too with a shorter URL and with a distinct top-level domain. Also growing a brand online may take advantage more of a TLD that fits it than one that won’t stand out. Using these additional domains might make it easier to find things on the Internet. But what is a gTLD domain?

What Is gTLD Definition?

what is the meaning of gtld A generic top-level domain name is a domain extension that is created for individual and corporate use. When it comes to the difference between gTLD vs TLD, we have to mention that the top-level domains are primarily owned by the government authority or the legal body. You will find a top-level domain such as .us .uk etc. These domains are registered for the representation of the country. Further, the individual or the company cannot buy the top-level domain in their name.

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When you search on the web for information, you usually land on generic top-level domain websites. The gTLD domains are easily available to buy as well as the cost of owning them is cheap compared to the top-level domain.

In the past, when the first domain name was introduced, the generic top-level domain was reserved for particular communities. Users were allowed to buy the domain name under certain conditions. The .com domain was available only for the companies. The .net domain was more common among companies that provide internet service in the region. Also, the .pro domain was made available for the professionals who want to depict the occupations. Over the period there were many changes in the buying process of the domain, and new laws have been introduced after analyzing the need of the industry.

No authentication or verification procedure is required to buy a domain name. Hence, people from all around the world purchase it in their name and make it available for the users to view the content.

Let’s consider some gTLD examples. They show a thematic background rather than a geographical field; for example, .org stands for ‘organization’ and generally refers to nonprofit organizations. Another example is .info which lets you know that the website is of an informative nature. These domains always consist of at least three letters, unlike ccTLDs.

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Overview of Traditional gTLDs

To summarize, in a very hasty way, owing to the fact that pro domains and new TDLs are some imperative part of the Internet galaxy, Businesses should change it to a new and fresh one.

As a matter of fact, some websites which already have traditional ones may decide to buy a variation of their domain name to keep up with a new TLD. However, they point the traditional gTLDs in a new direction. Hence, it can be protected, and alternate domains from being bought by others, while this gives the businesses a modern domain that is absolutely more creative, fast, and fresh too. For instance, a website that has owned “” might buy “Ali.baba.” which is the new TLD.

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Sponsored vs. Non-Sponsored gTLDs

Sponsored vs. Non-Sponsored gTLDs We will discuss the main categories available for purchase and explain how they work. It is divided into two different categories. The first one is the sponsored gTLDs, and the other one is known as non-sponsored.

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The sponsored ones require the owner to submit proof of identity and the purpose of buying the TLD domain. The TLD domains are reserved for government authority. A domain name such as .gov which is part of the US government institution, and .int is reserved from the international organizations. The .jobs are available for the organization that is into the recruitment business. The buyer of the sponsored domain has to fulfill the requirement before they own the rights of using the domain name.

The non-sponsored ones are offered to the general public and are monitored and managed by the ICANN. The ICANN works with several other partners who take part in selling the domain name worldwide.

Today we see almost all non-sponsored ones are available for an individual to purchase. Anyone can use any type of domain extension for personal, business, or organizational use. There is no restriction to buy or sell these domain names. You can find the extensive gTLDs list on the web.

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The Top 4 Generic Top-Level Domain

There are over 1000 types of this domain extension in the internet registry. Many of the gTLD domain extensions are directly related to the industry or the particular category. For example, the .coffee .travel etc. Simply by looking at the extensions, you can identify the industry of the domain. On the other hand, the most common domain name can be used for any industry or organization. Such generic top-level domain examples are known as open-ended domain names. Here are four top kinds of this domain that is registered in a large volume by worldwide web users.

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The .com domain is mostly common in the web industry or in other words, the biggest gTLD. It serves as a global extension in the domain industry. It is used by the company as well as the individual for the personal website. No specific industry or product is designated to the .com domain name.

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The .net domain used to be the second most popular domain name in the industry. However, the domain has succumbed to its importance recently. You will find very few websites using the .net domain name. It has been observed that the .net domain is registered to secure their web presence from competitors and brand manipulation.

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The .org domain extension represents the nonprofit organization, including NGOs, educational institutes, and Non-profit Trusts.

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The .co domain again the alternative for the .com domain. However, the primary objective of the .co domain extension is to present the company. The .co extension is the short form for the word “Company”. It is widely used and gaining popularity in the industry.

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How to Register a Domain Name and gTLD

It is not very complicated. Having registered by one of more than 2000 ICANN-accredited registrars, a domain name could be run under their resellers. So, Registrars are generally accredited by the ICANN organization and also licensed by the registries to offer a domain name.

The Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) Bounds Domain names, in parallel with ICANN organization, and their agreements with the registries are also needed. Domain name registrations, controlled by country-code; Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs), might be made out through a ccTLD operator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Generic Top Level Domains Are There?

The number of these domains exceeds 1200 as of March 2018. Even though the core group of these consists of: .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, .org. These seven domains are still the most popular ones even after being more than 30+ years old.

Is .Com a gTLD?

.com, which stands for, commercial, is the most common domain. All TLDs are part of the Domain Name System, which is like an internet address book.

What Does gTLD Stand For?

gTLD full form is Generic Top-Level Domain and actually includes internal extensions such as .com, .net, .org, and .co. The cost of purchasing these domain extensions is really affordable. Every valid entity, all around the world, can form a new gTLD registry.

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How Much Does it Cost to Register a gTLD?

Owing to the fact that some specific gTLDs and ccTLDs are more popular than other ones, the cost of registration is different between them. There are some TLDs that cost $9.99 and also some sort of it which cost $2.99 to register per year. You could search for the perfect domain name for your website through the link, and register that for a period of 1 to 5 years.

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Final Words

As we mentioned what is gTLD meaning, it plays a major role in domain allocation in the future and represents an important technical basis for the internet. Generic top-level domains have existed since the beginning of the web. It can be assumed that generic TLDs that have established themselves in the last few decades, will also still be relevant in the future.

Thanks to the new gTLDs, the most desired domains are now available with an alternative ending and this allows for many website operators to get one step closer to their perfect domain. Click here to learn how to find the latest domain extension that was added this year in the domain library.

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