What Is Website Bounce Rate? Reduce Bounce Rate

what is website Bounce Rate

If you are a website owner, there are a few essential things that you will need to be mindful of. Bounce rate holds a prominent place out of them. Any website owner who wants to secure better rankings on Google should be mindful of the bounce rate. Continue reading, and we will share all important … Read more

What Is URL and What Does URL Stand For?

What Is URL

Whether you are a casual internet user or a person who manages your website, you will need to have a clear understanding of what is URL. This understanding will help you get the most out of your work on the internet. Continue to read the article, and we will share more details with you on … Read more

What Is Domain Name in Website?

what is domain name in website

If you are a complete beginner to web development or web hosting, you will encounter numerous questions. “What is domain name in website” is one of the most common questions you will have to deal with. Continue to read, and we will share all details that you need to be aware of a domain name. … Read more

How To Sell a Domain Name?

how to sell a domain name

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What Is DNS and What Is It Used For?

what is dns and how it works

Every website has an IP address. However, people cannot remember the IP address of every website on the Internet. That’s where DNS comes into play. DNS replaces the IP address of a website with a meaningful domain name. Let’s deep dive and learn what is DNS all about. All website owners should have this understanding. … Read more

What Is a Parked Domain Definition & How It Works?(parked domain meaning)

what is parked domain

Have you ever wondered what is a parked domain? or parked domain meaning. The domain industry is consistently evolving. New domains get registered every day, and old domains get lost in the jungle of the rapidly growing industry. High demand for the popular domain name has given birth to the domain buying and selling marketplace. … Read more