How Does Keyword in Domain Name Help Your SEO Strategy?

keyword in domain name seo importance

In the early days, when Google search engine was new and rapidly expanding its footfall in various industries, the keyword in domain name strategy was most popular among the SEO fundamental. It was a common concept those days. The majority of the domains purchased were registered by using keywords to leverage SEO ranking benefits. Google’s … Read more

Hyphen in Domain Name or URL; Is It Good or Bad for SEO?

using hyphen in domain name for seo

Should I use hyphen in domain name? While considering the domain name for our utility, certain aspects revolve around getting a prime version as it should be catchy, SEO friendly, unique, elaborative, comprehensible, and sensible regarding the utility. The hyphen, frequently known as a dash, is the only spacing character allowed in a domain name. … Read more

Top 15 Domain Name Rules and Restrictions You Must Know!

domain name rules and restrictions

Knowing domain name rules, finding and securing your domain name is of the utmost importance when you own a website. There are several rules that you need to know for ensuring complete protection. The cyber-world is full of hacks and cracks, but following the basic domain naming conventions can help you protect your website against … Read more