How To Sell a Domain Name?

Do you have a domain name to sell? Domain reselling or flipping is one of the most lucrative business opportunities available to consider. If you are interested in getting your hands on this business, you should have a clear understanding of selling a web domain. To make life easy for you, we thought of sharing … Read more

What Is DNS and What Is It Used For?

what is dns and how it works

Every website has an IP address. However, people cannot remember the IP address of every website on the Internet. That’s where DNS comes into play. DNS replaces the IP address of a website with a meaningful domain name. Let’s deep dive and learn what is DNS all about. All website owners should have this understanding. … Read more

What Is a Parked Domain Definition & How It Works?

what is parked domain

Have you ever wondered what is a parked domain? The domain industry is consistently evolving. New domains get registered every day, and old domains get lost in the jungle of the rapidly growing industry. High demand for the popular domain name has given birth to the domain buying and selling marketplace. It is a multi-million … Read more

Why Has My Domain Authority Dropped & How To Fix It?

why has my domain authority dropped?

Domain authority has become a vital indicator to identify the worth of a website. After Google has shut down the PageRank algorithm, generally importance is given to the alternative solution that is Domain Authority (DA). The up and downs in the domain authority could be experienced on every website that comes under the influence of … Read more

How to Check the History of a Domain Ownership?

How to Check the History of a Domain Ownership?

Have you ever heard about WHOIS history? Every domain registrar requests the buyer to provide contact information while registration of the domain name. The owner’s details are used to authenticate the proprietor of the domain. In case of dispute over the domain name in the future, the ICANN uses the registration details obtained from the … Read more

What Is DNSSEC and How It Works?

What Is DNSSEC and How It Works? [Best Beginner's Guide]

What Is DNSSEC and How It Works? The DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions and it helps you have a basic understanding of the domain name system. The apt functionality of the internet system exists on the DNS system. The sites that are visited, the emails that are sent, and the pictures that … Read more