What Does Bounce Rate Mean and How To Reduce It?

If you are a website owner, there are a few essential things that you will need to be mindful of. The bounce rate holds a prominent place for them. Any website owner who wants to secure better rankings on Google should know the bounce rate. Continue reading, and we will share all the essential information you need to … Read more

How To Check Domain Ownership History?

How to Check the History of a Domain Ownership?

Have you ever heard about WHOIS history? Every domain registrar requests the buyer to provide contact information during the domain name registration. The owner’s details are used to authenticate the proprietor of the domain. In case of dispute over the domain name in the future, the ICANN uses the registration details obtained from the domain … Read more

Localized Domains; Does Domain Localization Help My SEO?

localized domains when and how to use them best

The localized domains might be a new concept for the people who just started understanding SEO. Local searches are dominating the web. Google gives more importance to the content that provides the solution targeting the specific region. You might have seen the word “nearby” in the Google auto suggestion bar. The word nearby has become … Read more

How Does Keyword in Domain Name Help Your SEO Strategy?

keyword in domain name seo importance

In the early days, when the Google search engine was new and rapidly expanding its footfall in various industries, the keyword in domain name strategy was most popular among the SEO fundamentals. It was a common concept those days. Most of the domains purchased were registered using keywords to leverage SEO ranking benefits. Google’s John … Read more

Hyphen in Domain Name or URL; Is It Good or Bad for SEO?

using hyphen in domain name for seo

Should I use hyphen in domain names? While considering the domain name for our utility, certain aspects revolve around getting a prime version as it should be catchy, SEO friendly, unique, elaborative, comprehensible, and sensible regarding the utility. The hyphen, frequently known as a dash, is the only spacing character allowed in a domain name. … Read more