What Is Whois Database and Why Are Whois Tools Important?

H ave you ever thought about what is whois record? WHOIS is a commonly used Internet record listing that recognizes the domain owners and helps to get in touch with them. It’s a form of internet service that lets you figure out who is responsible for this domain name. So you can look up a domain, find out owner of domain name or website details information easily via using this tool.<br /> There is much to cover, so let's dive in!

WHOIS is a free internet service that helps users in finding a specific domain name and checks its availability. A WHOIS record consists of detailed information associated with the person, group, or organization that registers a domain name. This information includes the name and contact information of the registrants, the registrar’s name and contact detail, server names, and the expiry date.

If we want to explain how whois works, we have to say that the registrars and registries manage this data, and the registrars are ICAAN approved. The detailed information is recorded by the registrar and then the key details get submitted to the registry that in turn maintains the central directory for the top-level domain (TLD).

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how whois database works

Where Does Whois Information Come From?

The registration information is made publicly available by the registrar, every time a new domain is registered. Given that there is no central data source of domain name enrollment information, WHOIS search engines seek out information throughout numerous registrars. Lots of registrars (organizations) give their very own WHOIS lookup solution, through several third-party WHOIS websites.

What Information Does Whois Provide?

One of the other important considerations among users is what is WHOIS information. There are innumerable businesses, individuals, and organizations that get their domain name registrations. Providing their identification details like name, address, email, contact numbers, etc. the information containing the registrant’s details is known as WHOIS data.

The WHOIS record differs from registrar to registrar; however, they share all the essential information that is obtained during the registration. The information includes the central registry information such as domain name, the registered company, WHOIS server link, name server, the domain status, and the creation and expiration date. Once all the information is collected, the WHOIS client connects to the registrar’s server and locates the domain name contact information that is being queried.

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what is whois information (data)

Also, the information includes the registrar information containing the contact information that needs to be kept updated. If any issue occurs regarding the domain ownership, it requires an accurate domain name ownership to resolve the problem. Everyone can easily identify the domain name registrant with a WHOIS protocol search.

The information in a WHOIS record is given while getting the domain name registered, however with time things might change and the information gets outdated. Hence, all the registrants must update the contact details as accurate and updated data is easier to follow up and get in touch with the registrant/ administrator.

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Why Are Whois Tools Important?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ) manages domain registration and ownership for various companies like GoDaddy , Tucows , etc. If you wonder why should whois databases be publicly available, we have to say that WHOIS records have shown to be extremely beneficial and also have turned into a vital resource for preserving the honesty of the domain name registration as well as site possession process.

2 Models To Store the WHOIS Resource Information

WHOIS generally offers two different models to store resource information as explained in the following:

2 models to store the whois resource information

Thin Model

The thin model provides the registrar, name servers, and registration dates. To achieve additional information, a secondary lookup will be required at the registrar on file.

Thick Model

The thick model provides all the necessary additional information apart from information achieved from the thin WHOIS record. This information consists of the details about the domain owner, its registered location, its name servers registration, and expiration dates.

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4 Important Sections of WHOIS Page Layout

The domain profile that contains the domain key data summary coming from the WHOIS record itself, and also from the various other data sources maintained by domain tools
The raw WHOIS record, that is given by the authoritative WHOIS server
The tools section, that gives access to the domain tools research and monitoring products
Available TLDs, that displays the registration status of the domain name in country Top Level Domains (TLDs)
4 important sections of whois page layout

What Can Whois Be Used For?

As we discussed what does whois mean in previous sections, it is an essential tool for a proper DNS operation. Now another question comes to mind and that is what is the whois database used for. Some of its best use cases are as mentioned below:

To check and determine the availability of a domain
Helps to overcome the registration issues
To gather the identifications of the business location and contact information of an online business or any organization/merchant that exists online
Helps in resolving the technical issues related to networks that are associated with a domain name (DNS, / routing problems, Dos path analysis and origin, and other network-related attacks)
To get in touch with a domain registrant for the function of discussing as well as negotiating an additional market deal related to an authorized domain
To link an organization, individual, or a company with a domain name, and for an identification of various web services using a domain name for different purposes
To collect the various additional pieces of information from different parties. The LAW enforcement agents make use of WHOIS to gather the email addresses and identify the location of offenders or frauds involved
To examine and enquire about the spam, the LAW enforcement agents go through the WHOIS databases on the website advertised in the spam
To inform a domain name registrant of the registrant’s duties in maintaining accurate and aright registration information
what is whois data used for?

Hence, WHOIS proves to be an important query and response protocol that is used widely and plays an essential role. Answer to the question “what whois means” could be difficult to understand in the first impression, as it may require the practical experience of the service. Once you start checking the WHOIS domain details using the tools, the subject becomes easier to understand.

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The WHOIS Can Never Be Used for Any Fraud or Spam Purposes

When information is made available publically, it may increase the risk of being hacked or spammed. There are some registries and registrars that provide privacy and proxy services that will only show the service contact information and helps in keeping the information safe for the users who don’t want their details to show up in the database. Hence, the domain registrant’s contact details will be hidden from the WHOIS record just by adding domain privacy.

However, there is an additional fee for this service and it must be noted instead of having a domain privacy service, there is no guarantee of anonymity. Registrar may release the private information legally.

the whois can never be used for marketing purposes or any fraud or spam purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Whois Located?

Whois is a query and response protocol that is generally used for querying databases that store the information of registered users and assignees of an Internet resource.

Why Whois Database Is Public?

The information of every domain name that is registered is stored in the whois database. It is important that this information is publicly available as it helps users all around the world to check registration and IP information easily.

What Is Whois Alternative?

There are some other tools that their function is similar to the whois tool:

  • Top technologies & expertise
  • jsonwhois.io
  • WebCargo
  • aaPanel – Linux control panel
  • WhoisAPI

Final Words

As we mentioned whois definition, it is a free online platform in which users who want to register a domain name, can check the availability of that domain. You can also use this platform to check the contact information of the registrar and the registry of the domain, server name, creation date, expiry date, and etc. Having accurate data makes it easier to contact a registrant.

Hope the information has put some light on what are whois tools and how they are used in the web industry. Check the WHOIS domain information of your own website and see how the information is presented by the WHOIS domain checker tools.

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