What Is a Premium Domain & How To Buy it?

When developing a new website, you will need to pay special attention to the domain name. The domain name plays a significant role in the overall success of your website. This is where you will come across premium domains. In this article, we will tell you What is a premium domain?

What Is a Premium Domain?

There are two main types of premium domains. The first type of premium domain refers to the memorable domain names. Fund.com, 360.com, and voice.com are perfect examples of such domain names. The second type of premium domain names is the ones that are priced at a higher price tag by registry organizations that are responsible for managing top-level extensions. These are unregistered domain names. You can call these registry premium domains.

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Why Are Premium Domains So Expensive?

The main reason behind the price tag of premium domain names is supply and demand. All people are interested in getting premium domains, but the supply is limited. Premium domain names contain keywords. On the other hand, premium domain names are short in length. You can easily brand a premium domain name as well. Due to these reasons, the demand for premium domain names is significantly high. The price of a premium domain name varies depending on the exact market that exists for it.

why are premium domains so expensive

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What Makes a Domain Premium?

Multiple factors can contribute to a premium domain name. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects out of them.

what makes a domain premium



1- Length

If the domain length is shorter, you can call it a premium domain name. The domain names with two letters and three letters are usually premium ones. That’s because these domains can be used as abbreviations by companies. However, the domains that are longer can also be valuable. In general, a good domain name would have more than just a couple of words.


2- Trustworthy TLD

TLD, or the Top Level Domain, indicates the string of characters, which you can see at the end of a domain name. If a domain name has a trustworthy TLD, it is more expensive. That’s because a suitable TLD can make your domain look excellent and reliable. It will enhance the overall ability to get connected to potential customers.

trustworthy tld

3- Generic Value

When you look at the so-called premium domain names, you will notice that most of them contain generic names. For example, the domain name carinsurnace.com has a value of around $50 million. Likewise, all other generic domain names have a high value due to their industry-wide appeal.

generic value



4- Contains Keywords and High Domain Authority

When developing a website, it is essential to pay special attention to SEO. A domain name can create a significant impact on SEO efforts. Even though Google says that a domain name doesn’t make a major impact, you can see how domains with keywords are usually shown on the very first page of search engine results. This is why domain names with keywords are considered premium domain names.
When it comes to SEO, the age of domain and domain authority also plays a major role. The domain authority shows the value associated with the domain name.

contains keywords and high domain authority

5- Brandability

You can easily brand a premium domain name. That’s because the premium domain names are easily recognizable. Hence, you will find more value in the premium domain names. For example, the domain name apple.com or google.com are branded due to the popularity of the respective companies. Likewise, any domain you can easily impress is considered a premium domain name.


6- Direct Traffic

Some domain names are capable of bringing in organic traffic to your website. You may call them premium domain names—for example, the domain name carpenter. The store is a premium domain name as it is bringing in lots of traffic due to the generic TLD.

direct traffic



7- Buyer Interest

A specific domain name would not look appealing at a glance. However, it can become a premium domain name if auctioned at a higher price tag. For example, let’s assume that a newly established company is looking forward to purchasing an existing domain name that matches the company name. There is a high demand for the domain name in such a situation. Hence, it will become a premium domain name.

buyer interest

How To Buy Premium Domains?

Now you have a good understanding of what is a premium domain all about. Anyone can own a premium domain name. However, they are associated with a high price tag, mainly due to desirability. You can still purchase a premium domain name at a domain registrar.
You can follow two approaches to buy a premium domain name. The first method would be to connect with the domain name owner directly. You can find details of the owner from the whois.net website. Then you can look for the specific domain name and discover owner details. You can send an email along with your offer.

how to buy premium domains
The second method to buy a premium domain name would be to search for it in a domain marketplace. There are numerous domain marketplaces available. DomainAgents and Afternic are perfect examples of such marketplaces. On these domain names, you can discover many privately owned domain names. You can pick an available domain name for sale and send your offer. No matter how you buy a premium domain name, you will need to be careful. Make sure that you don’t pay before you get the domain.

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Final Words

You know what a premium domain name is and how you can buy one. Purchasing a premium domain name at the correct price tag is not something that you will disappoint about. That’s because it can unlock numerous benefits to you in the long run.

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