How Does Keyword in Domain Name Help Your SEO Strategy?

keyword in domain name seo importance

In the early days, when Google search engine was new and rapidly expanding its footfall in various industries, the keyword in domain name strategy was most popular among the SEO fundamental. It was a common concept those days. The majority of the domains purchased were registered by using keywords to leverage SEO ranking benefits.

Google’s John Mueller recently settled the long-running debate about the importance of the industry domain name keywords, and how Google perceives the domain name when it sees the keywords in it. John also provided insights on choosing the domain name for organic search engine ranking.

But, do you know keyword domain definition? It is a domain name that includes keywords (example, In other words, they basically include queries about your products, services, business, etc. When it comes to getting traffic to a website, keywords play an important role. People enter them into their search queries and they are more likely to click on the link which contains those keywords.

What Is a Keyword Domain?

In the past, when Google search was defined on a few parameters, the keyword for domain name was one of the parameters that used to help the owner of the business to drive visitors to their website. The owner who used keywords in the domain name would have a significant impact on the search engine ranking.

History of the Keyword in Domain Name

The website used to rank quickly in the top search giving the owner a continuous organic traffic flow. People used to park their domain to earn the ad revenue from the top domain with the most search key phrases.

Google later identified the loophole in the search parameters and changed how it ranks the website in organic searches. People used to manipulate the keywords in their domain names to direct the traffic to another website.

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10 Insights on Keyword in Domain Name

1) Domain Name Keywords Don’t Rank Better

Keyword in Domain Name Rank Better

There is a belief that domain name with the industry keywords ranks better in the search engine than the branded keywords. This thought might have given past results to some websites owner, but now the search engine algorithm has changed. You should use high value keywords for domain only if it flows fluidly. Also, no proof it ranks better than branded websites.

Every website has to go through a quality check process where various factors are considered before giving the website the top spot in the Google ranking. The website ranking entirely depends on the content quality and the user’s experience. If your content can answer the users’ questions, your website will gain popularity in the industry. It leads to better ranking and reduced bounce rate.

In other words, there might be a domain with keywords and ranking in the top place but it might have gained the top position due to years and years of effort to put into the content development and SEO practices.

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2) No Quick SEO Benefits

Search Engine Optimization practice works a similar way to all kinds of domain names, whether it is branded or with keywords included in it. You would have to work hard to gain SEO benefits.

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3) Domain Name With Keywords Lost Their Impact Years Ago

High Trust Factor in the Domain With Keywords

Believing that people trust the domain with the keywords is futile. Everyone these days has a better understanding of how the web works. Any company using keyword in domain name strategy must have a good reputation in the market. You cannot sell the product or service solely based on the domain with keywords in it. People will compare your reputation with other players before deciding to buy on your website.

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4) The Lesser Backlinks Won’t Lead To Higher Ranking

The Lesser Backlinks, The Higher Ranking

It is another misconception people have about keyword in domain name SEO impact. Some believe you have to build less backlink if your website has the targeted keyword in its domain name. The link juice gets more benefits in the ranking. However, the idea is false. Quality backlink makes your website rank higher in organic searches.

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5) Recall Value of the Domain

A short domain with the keyword may help you become a recognizable brand in the category. A website with no brand reputation would benefit from this strategy in getting direct visitors.

6) Promotion Through the Recommendation

Promotion through the recommendation

Another thing that contributes to generating direct visitors to your website is promotion through recommendation. Domain by keyword would help your brand recognition in a short period without needing to spend much time in marketing. The short domain with the niche keyword is easy to remember. Users would recommend your domain to their friends and family member who might have requirements.

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7) Industry Appreciation

Industry Appreciation

Getting the niche domain with the exact keyword would be difficult as most popular keywords are already booked and may not be available for sale. Even if they are available, it may cost you a considerable price. The industry-specific domain name with the niche keywords would make your brand popular instantly. Therefore, many companies are trying to use keywords in their domain names to take the benefit of instant brand popularity.

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8) Multi Website Strategy

Multi Website StrategyThe seo for multiple domains strategy was most prevalent among SEO experts. Companies used to register a domain with the targeted keywords in bulk. The registered websites used to make live to populate the web with different top keywords for domain.

In simple calculation, if you manage to drive 100 visitors on a single website, ten websites would generate 1000 unique visitors. Some companies still use the multi-website method to drive visitors. SEO keywords in domain would help you gain some popularity, but the strategy will only work if you are consistent in marketing your website and providing value to your audience.

9) Outranking the Competitors

Outranking the Competitors

A few years back, when SEO was in the early stage, the domain name and keyword strategy used to perform better in the search engine ranking. Companies used to develop mini-sites with the exact keyword to outrank the competitors in the niche keywords category. Today, the mini-sites strategy does not work. A new search engine algorithm encourages a website which produces good quality content.

10) Long-Tail Keyword Support

Long-Tail Keyword Support

It is thought that using keywords in your domain helps the pages of the site rank faster in the search because you already have the keyword as a primary source in the URL itself. In some cases, where the competition is less, this method may be useful. Your website pages may rank quickly without needing to spend much time and money on backlink building. But it will not work for all industries. Your website may start ranking for the thousands of long-tail keywords and gain popularity in the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Having Keyword in Domain Name Help SEO?


In general, a keyword in domain name SEO impact is significant and can improve your chances of ranking well in search engines. But, it is better to consider the right and top keywords for your domain name such as business, travel, money, news, computer, Internet, bank, web, health, America, and so on.

Should Domain Name Include Keyword?


The keyword domain google ranking impact is not significant anymore. In fact, they can be helpful in small usages, however, SEO is far more complex than just you think. In general, because of the constantly changing world of SEO, content marketers should also change their way of using keywords.

How Many SEO Keyword Domains Should I Use?


Choosing about 5 top keywords for domain to start with is recommended for most small businesses. For some businesses, that might not seem a lot, but targeting 5 keywords doesn’t mean that your website will only rank for 5 keywords and get traffic from 5 keywords. Remember, effective use of SEO is more important than the number of keywords included.

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Final Words

If you are going to improve your business by starting a new domain name, a good strategy is to use keywords in your domain as it meets your brand needs instead of one that is an exact match for the keywords you are targeting. So if keywords sound natural and match your brand name, then you can add them to your domain name. It is also a good idea to check out the insights into using this strategy .

Keep in mind when it comes to domains and search, one thing you need to think about is branding and SEO. So keep your options open and consider registering a domain name with a new extension, using business-related keywords that speak to your specific products, services, and in general your target market. This way you can build on your overall branding, and enhance traffic to your website, and in the end, boost your SEO ranking.


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