Top Domain Registrars; Find the Cheapest & Best Sites to Buy a Domain!

Knowing which is the best domain registrar 2021 becomes a vital factor when you want to buy a new domain. There are dozens of top domain providers available on the internet and the experience you can get would vary from one register to another. That’s why you should get to know about the best domain providers available out there and find out the cheapest place to buy a domain name. Here is a list of some of the options that we can recommend to you.

Also, you should know why the best domain registrar for small business is important. Picking out the right and best provider save you from possible future problems. It not only makes it easy to move your website to a new host or service provider but also helps you protect your brand name. Don’t forget that by checking the list of top domain registrars, you can see the most reasonable features they offer.

What Is a Domain Name Registrar?

Simply, domain name registrars are some that businesses handle the reservation of domain names. Domain names are alphanumeric aliases, which are used to access websites; for instance, Google domain’ name is ‘’ and their IP address is Hence, a domain name is necessary for having a website these days and make it faster to reach out websites without having to memorize and enter numeric IP addresses.

17 Best Sites To Buy a Domain Name in 2021

1- GoDaddy
2- HostGator
3- NameSilo
4- Register
5- DreamHost
6- NameCheap
7- iPage
9- Network Solutions
10- BuyDomains
11- Internetbs
12- Porkbun Domain
13- Gandi domain
14- Dynadot domain
15- SiteGround
16- Hover
17- OVH

1. GoDaddy (For big companies )

godaddy logo

GoDaddy is one of the best domain name registrars that you can consider. It is an ICANN registered domain registrar company. Therefore, you can expect to receive top-notch service from GoDaddy. The best thing about GoDaddy is that it is the largest domain provider company in the world and also the best place to buy domain names. Millions of people visit GoDaddy to purchase their domains. GoDaddy is offering excellent service to all of them as well.


  • .com $19.49
  • .co – $7.54
  • .net – 8$.34

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2. HostGator (For medium range websites)

hostgator logo

HostGator was discovered back in the year 2002 and it is the best site to buy domain name as of now. Even though HostGator is popular for hosting services, you can also see them offering domain registration services. You can go through a straightforward process and purchase your domain from HostGator. It also offers a convenient interface, where you will be able to manage the domain names.


  • .com $11.49
  • .co – $5.54
  • .net – 9.34

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3. NameSilo (For small businesses)

manesilo logo

NameSilo might not be one of the best domain providers, but it is still a good option available to consider. As of now, NameSilo has been used to register more than two million domains. One of the best things about registering your domain with NameSilo is that they offer WHOIS protection at cheap prices. There aren’t any hidden fees associated with NameSilo and you will not have to go through any struggles with renewing your domains.


  • .com $8. 94
  • .co – $3.54
  • .net – 5.34

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4. Register (For blogs and websites)

register logo is among the oldest providers in the list of top domain registrars available out there They have a solid customer base as of now. You can get a .com, .net, or .org extension for just $0.50 when you are using the Register. Hence, it is the best place to buy domain names for people who wish to save money at the time of buying a domain.


  • .com $10. 00
  • .co – $5.99
  • .net – 7.99

If you aim to check the tld list , check the link provided.

5. DreamHost (For fast technology-led start-ups)

dreamhost logo

DreamHost is one of the best domain registrars with ICANN accreditation. You will have the opportunity to pick your perfect domain name from more than 350 different TLD extensions. On the other hand, they can help you to buy a domain at a cheaper price as well. You can easily use the control panel, which can assist you with URL forwarding, domain locking, DNS management, and the creation of subdomains.


  • .com $12. 99
  • .co – $8.99
  • .net – 10.99

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6. NameCheap (For conservative institutions)

namecheap logo

As the name suggests, NameCheap is the cheapest place to buy a domain name available for you to purchase a domain name at a cheaper price. It was discovered back in the year 2000 and has been able to maintain a strong reputation as one of the best domain registrars. You can find them offering outstanding customer support along with cheap domain registration prices.


  • .com $9. 99
  • .co – $6.99
  • .net – 7.99

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7. iPage (For beginners)

ipage logo

If you are trying to buy a domain name along with hosting, iPage can be the best place to buy a domain name. That’s because you will be able to get a domain name free of charge along with iPage. On the other hand, it will be able to help anyone to buy a domain name without technical knowledge because of the convenient and user-friendly interface. It is one of the best domain registrars that also offers perfect customer support.


  • .com $6. 99
  • .co – $3.99
  • .net – 4.99

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8. (For small to medium industries) logo is a domain registrar, and also a web hosting company which is located in Vancouver, and Washington. It is accepted that is to some degree reliable; the statistics feature it didn’t go down once in the 14-day period. Alternatively, you can choose this one instead of Go daddy for both a domain name and SSL certificates.


  • .com – $9.99
  • .co – $6.99
  • .net – $12.99

9. Network Solutions (For those looking for long-term domain registration)

network solutions logo Network Solutions is a digital and technology-led company that helps out brands leverage design, analytics, and engineering with creating meaningful, personalized customer experiences for web, mobile, social, and cloud. In fact, Network Solutions is the world’s first domain registrar. Additionally, and putting the domain name registration aside, Network Solutions provides web services such as web hosting, website design, and online marketers, including search engine optimization and pay-per-click management. It’s a higher upfront price, however, you never need to be worried about repurchasing the domain.


  • .com – $13.99
  • .co – $9.99
  • .net – $12.99

10. BuyDomains (For high-end Companies )

buydomains logo is business as a domain marketplace. It is a subsidiary of NameMedia, Inc., a company that operates secondary domain and direct navigation markets in parallel with an emphasis on buying and selling high-quality domain names.
It’s quick and easy to search all of the domain names.


  • .com –24.95
  • .co – $15.00.
  • .net – $17.99

11. Internetbs (It is a good fit for any business)

internetbs logo Based in Boston, This is a technology company that sells domain names. provides domain name registration and transfers for ccTLDs and gTLDs, web hosting, Whois, SSL certificates, and API Reseller.


  • .com –$7.55,
  • .co – $ $7.25.
  • .net – $7.00

12. Porkbun Domain (It is a good fit for any business)

porkbun domain logo Porkbun is an ICANN accredited Internet domain registrar founded in 2014 by Ray King and Peter Brual. Porkbun, on its website, informs it sells domain registration at a fair price and with free services, such as private WHOIS.


  • .com –$22.55,
  • .co – $ $8.25.
  • .net – $22.00

13. Gandi domain (It is a good fit for any business in Europe)

gandi domain logo Gandi is a domain name registrar, founded in March 2000 by Valentin Lacambre, Laurent Chemla, Pierre Beyssac, and David Nahmias, with the aim of opening up the domain name market handily. They offer a clean and handy process to register domain name. Also, offer whois privacy protection to hide personal data so I am not receiving any spam emails like I used to get earlier.


  • .com €4.72,
  • .co – €4.44
  • .net – €3.84

14. Dynadot domain (It is a good fit for any business in Europe)

dynadot domain logo Dynadot is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web host based in California, U.S.A. Founded in 2002 by a software engineer, their primary focus is engineering and design competence. Our custom wrote cutting-edge domain and hosting software is balanced, stable and fresh, sharp, and user-friendly.


  • .com €8.50
  • .co – €5.54
  • .net – €8.84

15. SiteGround (It is a good fit for creating websites and blogs)

siteground logo SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Siteground is one of the highly recommended WordPress hosting companies. They are well-known for their cutting-edge customer support team, fast hosting plans, and reliable uptime. Their WordPress optimized hosting includes every item you’ll need to create and grow a successful website or blog handily.


  • .com €14.50
  • .co – €4.54
  • .net – €11.84

16. Hover (It is a good fit for creating websites and blogs)

hover site logo Hover Domains is a domain registrar founded in 2009 as an offshoot of Tucows Inc. this is the second largest ICANN accredited domain registrar online.
Hover is really fast and handy in that they’re incredibly straightforward. They offer domain registering and that’s it. For that reason, it’s very easy to register a domain with them, because that’s all they do. The procedure of setting up your domain names is also quite alike and their backend is quite handy to use.


  • .com €14.50
  • .co – €4.54
  • .net – €11.84

17. OVH (For startups)

ovhcloud logo OVH is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) dedicated to the DNS root zone on June 20, 2014. The domain is sponsored by OVH, major French telecommunications and hosting business. This high-end domain is run by the AFNIC and registrations are open to all via OVH, the sole registrar. OVH saves budget from large discounts, standardized server specs, saves money on staff due to 100% unmanaged, intelligent carrier optimization, and lastly from state-of-the-art and water-cooled metal-less servers.


  • .com $11.49
  • .co – $8.54
  • .net – €10.34

Choosing to Bundle vs. Not Bundling Your Domain?

If you’re going to start one website with a primitive domain name, you could bundle your domain name with a pack of web hosting services. This is the most well-known route for rookie customers because it’s easier to manage your domain name registration and web hosting at one purchase. But there are some technological nuances.
Your domain name must always be kept separate from your web host to avoid pitfalls, such as domain name loss. This is a conditional fact. If you decide to go to another site builder or web host, keep your domain name registered somewhere else so that you ensure your name won’t be poisoned by the previous provider.

Always Opt into Domain Privacy!

If you opt not to purchase domain privacy protection, you’re choosing to expose your personal information on the WHOIS public database generally. Then, basically, anyone can see your contact details. This encompasses the domain registrant’s email address, phone number, mailing address, name, and any other information required to be eligible to register a domain name.

Cheapest Domain Registrars

It depends on your aim and the functionality you wanted to have. But there is some registrar that can be set down as reasonable ones in terms of their fees and packages.

    • Namecheap.
    • Bluehost.
    • GoDaddy.
    • OVH.
    • Ionos.
    • NameSilo.

What Domain Registrars Really Do?

Domain names make it easier to access websites without having to memorize and enter numeric IP addresses. As part of the process, domain name registrars keep track of domain names that are available.

How To Choose the Right Domain Registrar?

At the time that we are going to choose the best domain name registrar, we should search out by the following four criteria:
Firstly, the thing you should check is the domain name pricing and registration period.
The second thing is Domain Transfers. Domain names can be transferred from one domain registrar to another.
The third is Domain Expiration Policies.
And finally, Add-on Services.



What Do We Watch Out for To Choose a Domain Name Registrar?

There are 3 Things to Watch Out for When Choosing a Domain Name Registrar. First and foremost, Add-on Pricing. Some domain name registrars automatically pre-check add-on services at the time you purchase a domain name. Second is the matter of Bad User Experience. Most domain registrars try to make their website easy to use, so they can keep you as a customer. Finally, Hidden Fees are the important issues you should pay attention to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Cheapest Domain Registrar?

Bluehost is a cheap domain register; in fact, you can get a domain with even the cheapest hosting package. Bluehost is more focused on selling hosting designs than domain names. So if you want to have your hosting and domain name all in one spot, you can choose Bluehost. In addition to being the cheapest and one of the best domain registrars, additional services of Bluehost includes marketing, website design services, and web hosting.

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Does It Matter Which Domain Registrar I Use?

When you register a domain, it doesn’t matter which service you purchased it from. Not all registrars provide the same domain management features. If a domain is available, you can usually purchase it anywhere you want. However, some of the best domain registrars mentioned earlier, offer advantages or services that others don’t, so it is beneficial to know how to choose the perfect domain registrar.

Is Google a Good Domain Registrar?

Yes, Google Domains is surely one of the best domain registrars, because Google Domains offers competitive and transparent pricing for the most popular domain. This domain registration service was launched by Google in about January 2015.

Google Domains allows you to register the domain name that you use with your WordPress site or any other website. It does not offer any type of hosting, unlike a lot of other popular domain registrars. In fact, you should purchase hosting separately. As a result, if you are searching for which is the best domain registrar 2021, Google Domains is among the good domain registrars.

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Best Domain Registrars Final Words

Now you are aware of the 17 best domain registrar 2021 that you can access to purchase a domain name. Take a look at the domain registrar reviews and pick the best best place to buy a domain name. For finding the cheapest domain registrar, you can check the prices as well. If you aim to know the answer of the” how to get a website domain name ” question, check this article.

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