How To Choose a SEO Friendly Domain Name for Your Website?

At the time of launching a brand new website, you should be mindful of choosing a domain name for SEO. Then you can receive all the support to rank your domain in the search engines. Here are 14 steps that you can follow to learn how to choose a SEO friendly domain name. The use of domain name in SEO is of great importance. If you choose a bad domain name, it may result in losing traffic and revenue.
In this article, we will mention which domain is best for SEO to help you come up with a proper name easily. There is much to cover, so stay tuned!

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What Is an SEO Friendly Domain Name?

Choosing a good domain name for SEO is one that tells people what the website is about and also which products and services it offers. In other words, the domain is distinct more in the list of search results and becomes more likely to be clicked. The domain name SEO importance makes it vital to take the following tips into consideration.

How To Choose a SEO Friendly Domain Name?


1. Keep the Domain Name Short

One of the common questions among users is “does long domain name affect SEO?” It is a good idea to keep the domain name short as much as possible to have an SEO-friendly domain. It is best to keep it under 10 characters.

2. Refrain From Using Hyphens

Domain names with hyphens are not SEO-friendly. Therefore, you should try your best to use a domain name that doesn’t have a hyphen.


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3. Keep It Brandable

You need to make the domain name represent your brand at all times then you will be able to get the maximum out of SEO. Your brand will drive marketing campaigns, hence, using the brand name in the domain can help you to secure amazing results with SEO. So choosing the best domain name for SEO is a thing that worth takes into consideration.


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4. Pick an Easy To Remember Domain Name

Another way of picking SEO friendly domain names is by selecting an easy-to-remember name. Then you will be able to keep it memorable.


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5. Use Keywords

You should do keyword research while keeping your audience in mind and pick the keywords. Then you must include at least one of the prominent keywords in your domain. It will help you to learn how to choose an SEO compatible domain name easily and secure higher rankings on search engines.



6. Don’t Forget the Extension

Around 49% of the domain names out there on the internet have a “.com” extension. You should think about sticking to such a common and popular domain extension as it can boost your rankings.


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7. Refrain From Using Double Letters

Another tip for answering the question “how to pick a good domain name for SEO” is that if there are any double letters in the domain, you should refrain from buying it. Instead, try your best to minimize the mistakes that people can do when accessing your domain.



8. Keep the Domain Name Unique

Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing an SEO compatible domain name is to keep it unique as much as possible. Try your best to differentiate from the competition and come up with a unique name.


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9. Pick a Domain Name That Is Easy To Spell

People should be able to spell and pronounce the domain name with ease. In this way, you make an SEO domain name registration and will be able to get maximum returns out of it.


10. Think Long Term

You shouldn’t think about the short-term website domain name SEO benefits that you can receive. Instead, you will need to take a look at the long-term advantages that you will gain.



11. Don’t Stick To a Generic Domain Name

When you use a generic domain name, you will have to deal with competition. That’s why it is important for you to pick a domain name that is not too generic. Choose a good domain name strategy for SEO that is unique from your competition.


12. Create a Domain Name To Cater To Expectations

The expectations of the customers of your business should never be ignored while selecting a domain name. Learn how to choose the best domain name for SEO to cater to customer expectations.


13. Take a Look at the History

Considering SEO domain name tips is of great importance. You need to do a quick research and see if the domain name has previously been used for spamming. If so, it might be banned from search engines.


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14. Pick a Domain Name Generator

You can use a domain name generator to pick your domain name. It will be able to help you to brainstorm domain names and check some SEO domain name examples within the shortest possible time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Domain Name Help SEO?

There are two ways that the domain can impact your SEO and search rankings: by branding and keywords. Remember, for many years, SEO has tried to help gain higher rankings on search engines and so domain names are factors that are believed to play a part in the SEO game.

The domain name does have an impact on SEO but in a different way. It will need a lot more than just a keyword-rich domain name for a website to rank, things like backlinks, qualified content, and inbound links. So, in addition to a keyword-rich domain name, all these factors contribute to enhancing your website’s search ranking. So as a result, it is of great importance to know how to choose domain name for SEO.


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Which Domain Name Is Best For SEO?

Maybe many people don’t know how to select SEO friendly domain name. In fact, it is an important decision that could have far-reaching consequences for the success of an online business. You should keep the domain name short, avoid using hyphens, pick an easy-to-remember domain name, utilize keywords in your domain name, and also other 10 tips mentioned.

Domain Name Length Limit SEO?

The ideal limit for a domain name is 15 characters. It is better to take it into consideration when picking a domain name for SEO purposes.

Final Words

As you know, choosing a good domain name for SEO is not easy and it needs some careful thoughts. You can keep the above tips in mind and you’ll come up with a great name. In addition, you should consider domain name impact on SEO and keep it simple and finally, focus on branding.

When you want to learn how to choose a SEO compatible domain name, your domain name should be selected in a way that your clients or customers can easily find your website. Also, keep in mind that you cannot rely on your domain name solely to rank in search engines and the domain name is just a part of a good website. For more information click here .

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