Beginner’s Guide to How To Buy a Domain Name in 2021 (in 5 Easy Steps)

how to buy a domain name in 5 easy steps

If you are entering the lucrative online business world, you need a catchy domain name for the startup. But how to register a domain name? There might be several questions running across your mind, and here is the perfect guide to help you on the same. Domain registration is no tedious process wherein you need to involve in any significant fuss. You have to follow a few steps and startup with a profitable website or blog immediately.
It’s essential to help clients look forward to a pure and simple web address for their sites. It will become the security of a brand for years to come. But before registering a domain name, it’s essential to ensure it meets a client’s needs over the long run.
Remember, on a fundamental level, and since the Internet’s addressing scheme is not very effective without domain names, they are critical. Domain names are much more than just a technical shortcut. A memorable and short domain name can make a vast difference between creating a successful online presence and getting lost in virtual reality.

How To Buy a Domain Name Permanently?

You need to follow a few small steps when you desire to learn how to buy a domain name. Read below for them:

Undergo a verification check for a new domain name

This is only a brief of how the entire process works. It will help if you read below to understand the details.

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Essential Tips Before Domain Name Registration

Going through an in-depth research process is also crucial before learning how to buy a website domain and registering a domain name. Your website is your virtual face, and your visitors take the first glance at it. Valuable tips on how to register a domain name are as follows:
1. Carry Out Research
It is of primary importance for any website holder. Doing a comparative study on trending keywords and finding a perfect domain name should be the priority.
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2. Pick Catchy and Easy To Recall Domain Names
Selecting domain names that include a lot of technical jargon and are farcically long might be a significant error. At least, the visitors should be able to pronounce the domain name easily. For this, picking a crisp and meaningful domain name can be an excellent promotional tactic to attract visitors.
3. .Com Is the Best Option
In the present scenario, .com is the ideal domain name extension. Most website users prefer buying it as its purchasing process is easy and not hard to remember for the users.
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4. Verify the Trademark Infringement
The following rule in learning how to buy a domain name is to search for trademark information to avoid legal jeopardies.
5. Don’t Complicate With Hyphens and Numbers
Many people mistake creating a domain name with hyphens and numbers as it facilitates higher variations. But, it might confuse the users, so skipping hyphens or numbers is a good idea.
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6. Choose Wisely
While buying a domain name for someone, look for some mistyped variations close to a competitor site. It accelerates your chances of higher traffic reaching your location.
7. Social Media Is a Big Game
After creating a draft of the domain name, research popular social media platforms to check their popularity. Reserve your project through a page on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook so that no one else copies your idea.
8. Discuss With Experienced Ones
If you are unsure about the process, it is advisable to seek help from close colleagues or friends. Who knows, random wise advice can dig a golden nugget for you.
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9. Be Futuristic
Buying domains or websites can be a long-term investment. Thus, do not pick something which is overhyped and instead lookout for some unique ideas.
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How Do I Permanently Buy a Domain Name?

The next step is to buy it after you made up your mind and fixed up an immensely catchy domain name. Here are five steps on how to get a domain name for a website:
Step 1- Search for a Domain Checker
The process of purchasing a suitable domain starts by looking for its availability. It would help if you had a helpful tool or a service provider for this purpose. If the domain name decided by you already exists, try it with another extension. For example, .com is not available; you can pick extensions such as .net, .org, or XYZ. Add simple words such as “my,” “the” or “best” that can help you qualify for registration. Please buy it from an existing owner by paying them a reasonable sum of money.
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Step 2- Run Searches for a Desirable Domain Name
The second step in learning how to buy a domain name is to enter the domain’s relevant field and desired name to take a spin. Use a domain checker tool and sneak through the available alternatives for registration. Make use of the domain extension filter and do searches for the exact extension required by you. To check the country domain list , please check the link provided.
Step 3- Select the Domain

After fixing the name, move ahead to the registration process with the add to cart option. If you are sure about the character, proceed to the checkout option and make payment for the complete transaction.

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Step 4- Make Payment
After completion of domain payment, you can move towards the control panel. There you can spot a setup box for the final stage of registration.
Even if you wish to alter the domain ownership, you need to visit the management section. After making changes, you will be sent a confirmation through email. However, it might take 1-2 days for the confirmation of databases.
Step 5- Verification Process
The final step of learning how to buy a domain name is to verify the domain ownership using an email address. Within a few minutes after completing the domain setup, you can get the verification code for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy a Domain Name Online?

Nowadays, it has become quite a simple procedure, and you can quickly learn how to get a domain name for a website as it is mentioned below:

  • Pick out a reliable domain registrar
  • Find a domain availability checker tool
  • Search domain name
  • Complete your order
  • Choose the best available option
  • Verify the ownership of your new domain

Is It Worth It To Buy a Domain Name?

What are the advantages of having your domain name? Learning how to buy a website domain helps you control what people see when they search for you. Also, a domain name can add trustworthiness to your business and makes your company look professional.

How Can I Register Domain Name Free?

You can use Dreamhost , HostGator , GreenGeeks , or InMotion Hosting . All of these companies will offer you a free domain name with web hosting.

Final Words
In the above guide, you might have got all answers to how to buy a domain name. Although there is no big rocket science in its purchase, selecting the right extension becomes a crucial decision. After you undergo the entire process as per the steps stated above and finally verified the ownership of the new domain, the new website world awaits you. Hopefully, this tutorial would also work for beginners aspiring to learn how to purchase a domain name for a website, create their blog, or mark a journey in this arena!

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