What Is Country Code Top Level Domain in SEO and How to Register It Easily?

The www domain standard follows the common pattern when it comes to registering the domain name. Every domain name registered for web use has an extension that specifies the application of the domain. ccTLD domains show the search engine and users in which country or territory a website is registered. In this way, people in that specific region will find the website relevant too.

This article will explain what is google ccTLD and all the things you need to know to take advantage of its benefits. So, let’s dive in!

What Is a ccTLD Domain?

The ccTLD stands for “country code top-level domain,” which is listed under the top-level domain names. It is used to refer to a specific country or the region of the country. You may have seen the domain name on the web that ends with the country code, such as .uk, which stands for the United Kingdom. Similarly, the domain name that ends with the .eu is considered part of the European Union.

The top-level domain is reserved for the government and legal authorities. Individuals or private companies that are not part of the government bodies cannot apply for the top-level domain. The Internet Corporation manages the ccTLD domain registration for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ). It regulates the registration and deletion of domain names. Special attention is given to the sale of the ccTLDs domain.

As an instance of ccTLD examples, Sri Lanka has a variant in the domain name extension. You can find .lk for the Sri Lanka ccTLDs domain. Also, TLDs with .ලංකා and .இலங்கை are permitted for the country domain list.

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Role of the NIC ccTLD Domain Registration

The Network Information Center (NIC) is responsible for the regional domain name registration. The NIC provides permission to the local bodies to apply for the regional domain name in the country. As of now, the total domain country codes have crossed 200 marks. All these 200 top-level domains are listed under the government authority, and majorly it is owned by the legal bodies.

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Purpose of Registering the ccTLD Domain Name

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has the authority to assign the country-specific top-level domains (ccTLD). Their respected countries manage the country code top-level domain.

But what does ccTLD mean? The regional domain is made to address the local issues, new laws in the country, and policy changes. If you are searching for an authentic source to collect the information shared by the local government, then look for the domains by country.

Moreover, the ccTLDs domain contains two letters of the Latin alphabet. The domain name must end with the IDN-ccTLDs guidelines. A country domain list with several language variations can have different extensions other than the standard guideline. The extension can be translated to the regional language to make the domain extension readable by its users.

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ccTLD List

It would include all types of domain names with various variations. The ccTLD domain list will provide comprehensive information about the ccTLD of countries. It would be easy for the user to discover the information related to the specific country by simply searching for the top-level domain of the country. The top-level domains are very rare, and it consists of a good reputation on the web.

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Top-Level Domain List

The top-level domain list would have alphabetically arranged extensions. Each extension represents the country of origin. You can refer to the domain extension to determine the origin of the country to which the domain belongs. Remember that some country has exceptions during the top-level domain name registration.

You can find the countries with different extensions, which might be confusing at first view. But the ICANN has the standard practice of assigning the domain to one country only. Once the domain extension is given to one country, the other with the same extension cannot register the same extension in their name. Therefore, check the country of origin per the ICANN and IDN guidelines for more clarity.

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Country Domain Extensions

Country domain extensions are easily detectable while browsing the web. The country domain name always ends with the country code name. Compare to the general domain name such as .com .net and .org. These domain names are listed under the private domain name. The owner of the general domain name can be transferred from one person to another.

Companies, institutes, or individuals use the general domain for creating their presence on the web. The ccTLD for all countries is given more weightage when it comes to ranking the site’s pages on the web. The information published on the top-level domain ranks higher above the general-level domain. Due to this fact, the top-level domain has high demand in the industry.

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Changes in the ccTLD System

ccTLD system is consistently upgrading, and modifications are done to the policies by ICANN. The ICANN members are continuously working on deleting no longer relevant ccTLDs and registering the new ccTLDs. It is an ongoing process that takes several years to complete.

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Country Domain Names

Domain country codes are made of two-letter codes. The word is selected according to the 1974 ISO-3166 standard. Whether the country or overseas territories, each domain name can claim a ccTLD domain name based on the ISO standard. For example, the Australian territory of the Coco Islands (.cc) has a separate ccTLD domain. Similarly, the Christmas Islands has “.cx,” and Norfolk Island has a “.nf” ccTLD domain name extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ccTLD Full Form?

The ccTLD codes stand for country code top-level domain names.

How Many ccTLDs Are There?

Up to now, 312 active and valid ccTLDs are registered.

What is the Biggest ccTLD?

The biggest ccTLD available is .cn which has been registered more than 25.73 million times.

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Final Words

As we answered the question “what does ccTLD stand for, “a country code top-level domain list would provide more information about the country’s web appearance. Visiting the country domains would give you complete details on countries’ economies, policies, and other essential aspects that make the country run smoothly.

You can refer to these top-level domains for research or data collection. If you are part of an organization that requires genuine data about the country, then the top-level domain would help you find the authentic data and inside information. Check the comprehensive country domains list and start following them for the daily update. Also, a new ccTLD will be generated once in a while, and you can check it online.

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